I am so proud to say that I have known Ward Jackson and Les Riel, owners of Central Valley Glass, since our High School Days here in Yakima. I ha€™ve always known who to go to for windows and glass for a beach house across the state, replacement vinyl windows, or beautiful wood windows and doors for my home here in Yakima. Their selection of quality products, expertise, and commitment to customer service has always impressed me.
I have referred many friends to them over the years. Their client list includes everything from small local installations to very large commercial projects throughout Washington State, such as the beautiful Suncadia Resort and the new Canyon River Resort.
As I drive across Yakima, I see many homes, commercial storefronts, and buildings where they have provided windows, doors and beautiful custom glass work. But more than that, when I come home and enter through my own front door purchased and installed by Central Valley Glass, it's more than just a door to me. It’s a special reminder of my friends Ward and Les life-long friends, local business owners, and just how very fortunate we are in the Yakima Valley to have the opportunity to do business with locally owned, home town companies like Central Valley Glass. I am so proud of them, for their craftsmanship, friendship, and their reputation of quality work and the best customer service in Central Washington.

Margaret M. Burton

What a great team you sent me. Lead works while others whistle as the go about their jobs. They're all keepers!!
Windows all look super and I look forward to future installs in rest of the house!
Please feel free to use me as a reference. You were almost a 1/3 cheaper than local shop. I've been on campus at CWU for 20 years and know a lot of folks.
Ken Baxter

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